Online gamers who have lost their destiny

There are stories of the biggest losers in history. However, this story always seems to focus on real players like Terrence Watanabe, who lost over $ 200 million in Vegas casinos. online casino On the other hand, the biggest losers in online gambling have not received many prizes. That being said, let’s talk about 7 online players who have lost a lot of money in sports lotteries and online poker sites. 

  1. Guy Laliberte 

Gambling, Poker, Money, ChipsGuy Laliberte spent his childhood as a street street street musician in Montreal. He was so familiar with show business that he founded Jill Saint Croix Cirque du Soleil in 1984. It is an internationally renowned performing company currently performing all over the world. And even when in 2015 he sold 90% of his shares for more than $ 1 billion, Laliberte became a very rich man. He didn’t have to worry about money for long. He soon plunged into the leading online poker game of the late 2000s. At first glance, Laliberte looks like a great poker player. He finished fourth at the WPT Season V (2007) with $ 696,220. He also competed against top players such as Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey at GSN’s High Stakes Poker and NBC’s Poker After Dark. Like Laliberte, the amateur player, he is not ready to become the best online player. The guy is a fish that jumps into the water and attracts all the sharks. Ivy, Tom Dwan, Phil Galfond, and brothers Dee and Hak Dang are the main experts in cybernetics at Laliberté. The total loss cannot be 100% determined. However, it is estimated that he spent between $ 26 million and $ 30 million on online professionals. 

2-Jaromir Yarom 

Jaromir Jagr can look back on his history and long hockey career. From 1990 to 2018, he played for the NHL for 28 seasons. Since then, the Czech Republic has continued its career with the home team HC Kladno. At 49, he also finished second in the NHL with 1,888 points. Jaguars are as good as icing but as bad as sports bettors. He started online sports betting for real money in 1998 and soon amassed nearly $ 1 million in debt. Jaguar was defeated at Carib Sports for $ 500,000. He began paying his debts every month, but suddenly stopped paying and asked the executives of the Caribbean sports companies to share the stories in the media. Since then, Jaguar has had to answer any questions about his gambling addiction and his $ 3.3 million debt to the IRS. 

3- Hansen Gas 

Dice, Cube, Gambling, Luck, Game, PlayFor most of the 2000s, Gus Hansen was known as a well-dressed man in many Full Tilt Poker commercials. He has also earned a reputation as the winner of major tournaments and even three WPT titles a year. Great Dane is perfect for playing live poker. Besides tournament titles, he made a lot of money in the Las Vegas gaming industry. Hansen has proven to be an expert with his impressive resume. However, like Laliberte, the Achilles-Hansen tendon looks like an online nosebleed. Instead of constantly winning games, Hansen constantly tests his skills with some of the best grinders on the Internet. It was too small for early and mid-2010